Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My new obsession! Artist Trading Cards (ATC)!

I  remember as a child receiving for school one of those huge boxes with 72 prismacolors pencils.  I was very picky at organizing them in a particular way ... something I still do today.  Never did I realize art, drawing, and painting will be my major outlet as an adult.

Art is such an important form. Not only for the artist but for the expectation as well.

I just started making Art Trade Cards or ATCs as commonly known.  They are quite addictive, and I really enjoy watching the creativity from so many artist around the world.  Can't wait to have a robust collection!

They seem easy,  but the are actually quite hard in my opinion.  Is much harder to work on a small space than on a large one.  Quite hard to apply your values.  But here are my firsts intend at making them.

I have really been busy making ATCs!  And this has become a gallery of sorts.  Here are more cards!

Most of my cards are oils or watercolor.  Sometimes I like to put a diamond glaze on them.

Happy Chinese New year of the Rabbit


From Photo!

Indian Pot

Van Gogh only in with Sharpies!

Maria Antoniette

Angel ...


Is AFAs Birthday!

Art Chick
Fabulous Firsts


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